Re-entry Resources

Although the mission of Charis is to work with men and women inside Minnesota’s prisons, we are strongly committed to supporting the re-entry process as men and women leave prison. One way we can help in re-entry is to identify resources for housing, jobs, health services and other needs.

Books About Re-entry

  • Keeping Ex-Offenders Free: An Aftercare Guide, by Byron Smarto
  • When Prisoners Return: Why We Should Care and How You and the Church Can Help, by Pat Nolan
  • Beyond Bars: Rejoining Society After Prison, by Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • The Ex-Offender’s Re-Entry Success Guide: Smart Choices for Making it on the Outside for Good, by Ron Krannich
  • The Dedicated Ex-Prisoner’s Guide to Life and Success on the Outside: 10 Rules for Making it in Society After Doing Time, by Richard Bovan
  • How To Do Good After Prison: A Handbook for Successful Re-Entry, by Michael Jackson
  • Jobs for Felons, by Michael Ford
  • Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders: 101 Opportunities to Jumpstart Your New Life, by Ron Krannich