Volunteer for a Weekend

A Charis weekend in a prison is centered around 13 talks by clergy and lay volunteers over a three-day period. Talks focus on living the Christian life, based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The motto of Charis is “Listen, Listen, Love, Love.” Careful listening and unconditional loving are perhaps the two most important skills of team members. A weekend includes music and singing, worship, small group sharing, prayer and an Act of Remembrance service. At most Charis weekends, team members spend approximately 12 hours at the prison each day and are housed overnight in an area church or motel.

Team members should have participated in a three-day Charis- or Cursillo-type weekend, or a Charis one-day retreat, either in prison or on the outside. Volunteers must also submit a Charis team-application form and be approved by the state or federal prison administration.

Links to Cursillo ministries to experience your weekend